Fire Alarm Monitoring

ULC Certified Fire Alarm Monitoring

In response to consistent demand, On Site Fire Protection has partnered with Firetronics 2000 to provide ULC Fire Alarm and Fire Sprinkler Monitoring Services in the Greater Edmonton Area. Combining the exceptional local customer service that On Site Fire Protection has always provided with the reliability of Firetronics 24hr ULC Central Station provides our clients the best of both worlds.  Get the responsiveness and attention to detail that only a local service provider can provide, backed by Canada's leading ULC Monitoring Station.

Local Service

On Site Fire Protection has been providing exceptional service to the Edmonton area for 20 years, offering full service inspections on Fire Alarm, Fire Sprinkler, Fire Extinguishers, Emergency Lighting, and more. We have experience dealing with most of the monitoring stations offering service in our market, and are frequently as frustrated as our customers by the lack of quality customer service provided.  Beginning in 2020 we started working with Firetronics to provide local service for some of their national accounts and have since been impressed enough with the consistency and quality of service to begin recommending them as a monitoring service to our own clients. We are proud to be working as a local partner with Firetronics to provide monitoring installations, inspection, and maintenance. 

Canada's Leading ULC Monitoring Station

Firetronics offers market-leading monitoring solutions from coast to coast. Unlike many competitors, who rely on third-party dispatch centers, Firetronics proprietary ULC Central Station utilizes wireless, internet and landlines for fast and reliable service. Upon receiving notification of a fire alarm, the Central Station immediately notifies the appropriate responder and monitors the situation until resolved.  All monitoring of your property is conducted from the 24-hour operational ULC Central Station. This includes 24-hour fire emergency service, and the use of active wireless connection – to ensure that your building is protected even in the case of power outages or downed phone lines. Firetronics is in constant contact with all relevant emergency services, and you can always contact them – 24 hours a day.  The ULC Central Station is ULC-listed and has been assessed, approved, and is regularly inspected by ULC (Underwriters Laboratories of Canada), an independent non-profit organization responsible for testing, inspecting, and certifying alarm monitoring and safety products, including fire safety products. To become listed, a company must demonstrate exceptional competence and consistently adhere to all relevant codes and standards. All of our fire and sprinkler monitoring systems are ULC-listed as per the latest edition of CAN/ULC S561 and installed and monitored as per the most current revision of the National Fire Code and National Building Code. To maintain this listing, ULC conducts annual on-site tests and inspections of the building monitoring equipment and the station operations for continued compliance and certification.

What is ULC Monitoring?

Monitoring is a service that listens to signals from your fire protection systems, and calls the fire department on your behalf if there is an alarm.  Without a monitoring service, your fire alarm or fire sprinkler system could be activated in response to a fire, but if nobody is around to hear the alarm sounding and call 911 then the fire department doesn't know to respond. ULC monitoring is a monitoring service that complies with the CAN/ULC S561 standard, which sets minimum requirements for the equipment at the building and the operations of the central monitoring station.  Not all buildings are required to have monitoring in place, but under the Alberta Building Code any assembly type building with an occupancy load over 300, any building with fire sprinklers or stanpipe connected to the alarm system, or any building with a 2-stage alarm system must have ULC monitoring in place.  Additionally, many businesses have requirements for monitoring due to industry-specific regulations, insurance policies, or simply to better protect their property. In most cases the standard referenced for this requirement is CAN/ULC S561.

Transparent Pricing

We've got nothing to hide:

Monthly Monitoring Costs - $55

Annual Fire Alarm Monitoring Panel Inspection - $200

Bi-Monthly Sprinkler Monitoring Panel Inspection(if no Fire Alarm panel present) - $150

Annual ULC Certificate Fee - $125

Monitoring Panel Supply & Install - $2000

Dedicated Power Circuit - $500

Protected Communication Line - $500

Taxes in addition to rates shown. 

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