Fire Hydrants

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Fire Hydrant flush and maintenance

All privately owned Fire Hydrants, located in parking lots or on private roads, are required to have a flush and maintenance performed every year and are the responsibility of the owner to maintain. On Site Fire Protection can perform the required maintenance and provide you with a detailed report, and repair minor above ground issues.  Give us a call today to request an inspection for your Commercial, Industrial, or Residential site.

The Alberta Fire Code 2019 specifies that "Water-based fire protection systems shall be inspected, tested and maintained in conformance with NFPA 25, “Inspection, Testing, and Maintenance of Water-Based Fire Protection Systems.” ".  This includes municipal and private hydrants.  This serves to both flush out the water mains of debris, and to ensure proper operation of the hydrant. 

simplified requirements

Once a year fire hydrants must be inspected and maintained.  In addition after each use the hydrant should have an inspection performed and pump-out if necessary.  Typically hydrants located on public roads will be maintained by the municipality, but those on private roads or in parking lots are the responsibility of the owner.

what to expect

The service process starts with a visual inspection of the hydrant.  All moving parts and threads will be lubricated, and gaskets replaced if necessary.  The water main control(if present) will be exercised and tested. The hydrant will be connected to our diffuser to allow the water to be flowed at full speed without causing damage to property.  Once the pipes have been flushed clean, the hydrant will be pumped out if necessary, and buttoned back up.  A record of service sticker will be applied.

On Site Fire Protection handles private hydrant inspections as a non-scheduled service.  Service is weather dependent; it is not performed in the cold, or when there is lightning in the area.  Performing the service will generally not interfere to any significant degree with use of the area, and does not require any preparation on the part of the owner.  In May or June of each year, we contact previous clients to verify they would like service performed again, and then generate a map of all locations around the city we need to get to.  On days when the weather and schedule permit, we will send out a technician to perform annual service on as many hydrants as possible in a given part of the city.  Once service on your hydrant(s) has been complete, reports and an invoice will be emailed to you.

Volume rates are available to property owners with multiple locations and 10 or more hydrants.

Our hydrant service program typically runs from May thru September.  If you contact us for service after we have already completed your area of the city, you will be added to our 'clean-up' list that is done once the main program is complete.  We generally try to have the main program complete by the end of August each year, and only perform follow-up work in September.  Replacement of gaskets is performed as necessary in the course of maintenance, but any other needed repairs will be noted in our inspection report.  A quote for repair will be provided, and scheduled for completion if approved.

After the cold weather closes in, only emergency service will be performed.  We are not willing to take on the liability of turning roads into skating rinks.


There is not much to do to prepare. When requesting service please notify us of the date of any major event taking place(ex. show and shine) that would prevent access to the hydrant.

something is wrong, what should I do?

If your hydrant has been used let us know and we will schedule a post-use inspection.

If your hydrant has been damaged let us know, and we will send someone out to inspect it and provide a quote for repair.

We are equipped to handle most above-ground repairs.  If you have an underground issue, a utility contractor will be required.