Emergency Lighting

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Emergency Lighting Inspection and Maintenance

All Emergency Lighting Devices and Emergency Exit Signs should be inspected and tested on an annual basis.  On Site Fire Protection can perform this inspection as well as any maintenance required, and provide you with a detailed report.  Give us a call today to schedule your inspection.

Simplified Requirements

Per the Alberta Fire Code 2019, Emergency Lighting equipment must be regularly inspected and tested.  The Alberta Building Code 2014 and the Operational Health and Safety Code 2009 define what equipment must be present. While the ABC will vary with the edition of the code in force when building was constructed or last updated,  the OH&S code applies to any work site in the province.


 There are two good rules of thumb to satisfy the requirements for most general small and medium businesses:


A visual inspection and functional test should be performed once a month on emergency lighting battery packs.  The purpose is to verify that the unit appears to be undamaged, and turns on when the test switch is activated or the breaker is switched off.  This inspection should be documented, but can easily be performed by the owner or tenant. 

Monthly inspections are available as a recurring service on request.  Minimum charges apply, and service is handled on an at-our-convenience basis.


Once a year all emergency lighting devices must be inspected and tested for both functionality and run-time duration.  The duration of this test will vary with occupancy type, but for most businesses will be 30 min.  This testing must be properly documented, and any failures addressed.

what to expect

Technicians can perform inspections mostly independently unless the client requires escort.  Access will be required anywhere an emergency lighting device is present.  The inspection generally will not interfere with operations.  Technicians can only check what they know is present, so the client should be prepared to provide a list, or go over our report with the technician afterward to determine if any units were missed.

Emergency lighting devices are required by code to have dedicated circuit breakers, which should be marked in the electrical panel.  This is frequently not the case.  When the devices are tied into other circuits, and if those breakers cannot be turned off due to other equipment on that circuit, the technician will need to access each battery pack device and manually activate it using the test switch.  This will normally require carrying a ladder to each pack.  

Occasionally packs will be located too high to safely reach with  a normal sized step ladder.  In this case the device must be tested by breaker, and if the breaker is not marked, or not dedicated the client will need to make arrangements for other equipment to be without power during testing.  Special access arrangements would need to be made in the event of a device failure.


There are a few items the client must do to prepare for an inspection

Remote Head

Light Pack

Exit Sign

Combo Pack

something is wrong, what should I do?

If in the course of your monthly inspection you find a device that is not working, give us a call.  In most cases all that is needed is a replacement battery which we can provide and you can change yourself.  If you do not feel comfortable doing this, we can schedule a service call for a technician to come out and diagnose the device, and repair as needed.