Spring is Here Special!

To celebrate the arrival of Spring we are offering great deals on 20lb Fire Extinguishers and accessories.

20lb ABC Dry Chem Extinguishers are 10% off - only $135 each including Certification!

Vehicle Brackets, Weather Covers, Cabinets and Signs all 10% off regular price!

In-Shop Certifications for volume orders of 20+ are 33% off, only $9.95 each!

All offers valid in-store only. Limited time offer. Conditions apply.

Fire Extinguishers

On Site Fire Protection Services stocks the Strike First brand of ABC Dry Chem fire extinguishers. Strike First is a proudly Canadian manufacturer, and we have chosen to to distribute Strike First fire extinguishers for their durability, serviceability, and overall value. All Fire Extinguishers sold by On Site Fire Protection are Tagged, Sealed, and Certified, which you won’t get at your general distributor or big box store.

Special Hazard Fire Extinguishers

For special purpose and hazard specific situations, On Site Fire Protection distributes the Buckeye Fire Equipment line of fire extinguishers and equipment. Buckeye produces a broad line special hazard extinguishers including Halotron, K-Class, Pressurized Water, D-Class, CO2, large wheeled units and others. Whether you need to protect a server room, a kitchen, flammable metals or a totally unique hazard, we have the buckeye equipment to keep you covered.

Fire Extinguishers Accessories

Vehicle Brackets, Weather Covers, Signage, monthly punch tags, cabinets, tamper alarms, and much, much more. If there’s something you need, we probably have it. If you have a problem, tell us! We just might have the solution.

Kitchen Fire Suppression

On Site Fire Protection is proud to distribute and install Buckeye Kitchen Mister fire suppression systems for commercial cooking operations. The Buckeye Kitchen Mister provides a good value for money, and high level of serviceability. Every system is a little different so every install must be individually assessed and quoted. Please give us a call if you are interested in have a new Kitchen Fire Suppression System installed.

Fire Fighting Foam

Through our Canada Fire Foam division we are proud to distribute the Buckeye line of foams for industrial and municipal use.